Treadline Hardwood

Alex Short 

Purple Team

Alex is a very reliable and hard-working individual. He enjoys sanding floors and really takes his time on all the details. Alex never misses a deadline and is always eager to pitch in wherever he is needed.

About the Employees:

All of Treadline's in-house employees are drug and background tested. Treadline takes your home security very seriously, and wants to make sure that you have peace of mind while we work in your home. All of our Employee's have name badges that will be worn while they are on the job and all vehicles will be marked with treadline's name, logo, and CCB Number. 

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JEFF Phinn

Green Team

Jeff is coming up on 3 years at Treadline. He enjoys the installation portion most, although he is a very qualified sand and finisher. Jeff is best suited for projects involving lace in work and fixing problem installations. Jeff has served his country in the army prior to Treadline; we are proud to have a hero on the staff. 

Colin Nagle

Blue Team

Colin has a bachelor's degree in graphic design and enjoys the craftsmanship part of the job. He is highly sensitive to details and enjoys creativity. He likes to build furniture as a hobby in his time off. Colin is a very conscientious part of the team and we're very proud to have him.

Adrian Garcia 

Orange Team

Adrian is a highly-skilled second generation hardwood floor mechanic, who enjoys the sanding and finishing aspects of a project most. He has a high level of patience with projects and typically is involved in training new recruits.


Red Team

Alonzo is a very gifted mind. He graduated from Western Oregon on a full-ride scholarship and could have done many things. However, he enjoys working with his hands and feeling of accomplishment when a project is complete. Alonzo attended high school with Adrian in Estacada and we are lucky to have his willingness to step into any situation.

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 Kelly Ragalie

 Showroom Manager/Owner

 Kelly is the co-owner of Treadline and runs the office and  showroom.  She began in 2006, working alongside Ovi  in his flooring adventure. Kelly focuses on education of customers, ensuring they learn all they can about the flooring and installation they purchase.  Kelly is always aiming for 100% customer satisfaction and she enjoys teaching people about the world of hardwood!

Kelly earned her Bachelors degree in Geography from the Honors College at Portland State in 2014, and is pursuing law school in the future. 

Ovi ragalie


Ovi Ragalie, owner, of Treadline Hardwood started out in building and carpentry more than 15 years ago right here in the Portland metro area. During high school, Ovi and his father built their family home from the ground up, and experienced every aspect of home building. He attended Portland State University for 2 years, and then moved south to Phoenix, Arizona, where he chose a career in finish carpentry. He specialized in stairs and railings, with Artistic Stairs. With the birth of his first child approaching, he then returned to Portland, and shifted to hardwood flooring, working for Decca Hardwood Company, with which he worked on most of the largest construction and condominium projects in Portland and the Pearl District. Some of those projects include The Tanner Place Condos, The Bridgeport Building, The Gregory, The Grapevine, Café Mingo and Patagonia. Finally, taking all of his skills, learned knowledge and enthusiasm for fine carpentry, Ovi began Treadline Construction in 2006.  He now continues the successful daily operations of his company, doing what he truly loves. 

Ovi dedicates himself to making sure that each job is done exactly how the customer wishes. He ensures that Treadline has met the clients expectations, and is happy and loves the work he and his company provide. On every job, Ovi will personally see that he has met or exceeded the customer’s expectations.

In his spare time, Ovi enjoys driving classic cars, fishing, camping, traveling and spending quality time with his wife, Kelly and their four young children: Dominic, Titus, Katarina and Julian who are also intricately involved in Treadline.