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Interior design trends come and go almost as quickly as fashion trends. Hardwood flooring is no different. In hardwood flooring, there are just so many trends, though, that it can be difficult to keep track. There are trending widths and lengths for planks, trending styles of wood, trending stains, and much more. However, it all begins with the wood itself. That’s still the most important feature. So, which hardwoods are currently most popular for hardwood flooring?

For Site-Finished Flooring

Your floor can be prefinished in a factory and then brought to your house. It can also be installed unfinished; in that case, it will need to be sanded and finished. That’s known as unfinished hardwood or site-finished hardwood. For site-finished hardwood, red oak is the clear winner. Red oak comes in a range of colors from a light blonde that’s almost indistinguishable to white oak to pinks and all the way to deep red. The range of colors makes it great for site-finishing because homeowners can have it installed and then choose how they’d like to customize it once they see it in their homes. Furthermore, red oak is very easy for installers to work with. It sands easily and takes stain very well.

For Prefinished Flooring

For prefinished flooring, white oak has made a real comeback lately. White oak is popular especially with flooring graded for character. That would be flooring that homeowners choose to achieve certain looks. They might choose a lower grade of white oak to get a more rustic look. They might choose a higher grade to get a flawless, unblemished floor. White oak is a very neutral color with a straight grain; so, it goes with just about any interior design scheme. That makes it a timeless choice.

For Distressed Floors

If you want a rustic or distressed look, hickory is the favorite among many homeowners. Hickory has a lot of character. Some planks come with noticeable knots and prominent grain patterns that lend themselves well to distressing.

What Is Unpopular?

Exotic hardwoods were surging a few years ago, as was bamboo. Those trends seem to have reversed lately. For reasons of convenience as well as pricing, exotic hardwoods are not as popular as they used to be. They will likely make a comeback in the future, but for right now, domestic hardwoods are on top.

Have Questions About Hardwood Floors?

These are currently the most popular hardwood floors; when choosing a hardwood floor, looking at what’s popular can help inform your decisions. If you still have questions, call your local Portland Hardwood contractor to get more information about the best floor for your home.